Results 1 - 16 of 421 Some toothpastes combat sensitivity, while others help with cavity protection. Starting with your primary concerns is how you can best find the 


Curaprox Toothpaste, enzyme + fluoride 1450 ppm - Rating: 9.4 / 20.

GENERAL INFO: CURAPROX ENZYCAL 1450PPM TOOTHPASTE 75MLA mild anti-caries toothpaste for everyday use with 1450 ppm sodium fluoride. Its mild SLS-free formula and lack of strong essential oils significantly reduce mouth ulcers. Use of the GUM ActiVital Toothpaste is indicated for children 7+ and adults as a 1450 ppm fluoride ions (0,32% sodium fluoride) concentration is not required for pre-school children. Discover more about The GUM Link and how gum health and general health are connected! Although most parents applied a small amount of toothpaste a small minority applied a large amount. If using the 400 ppm F toothpaste twice daily no children of average weight would have exceeded ingestion of 0.05 mgF/kg body weight whereas 14 average weight children would have exceeded this value if using the 1450 ppm F toothpaste. Mild toothpaste: Try extra fresh Enzycal 1450 toothpaste.

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99% av totala ingredienser är  Escapist Whitening Toothpaste från Selahatin. Tandkräm från Selahatin som hjälper till att bevara tänderna naturliga, vita färg. Den innehåller 1450 ppm flourid. Brushing Zeb & oacute; in toothpaste Colgate Max Fresh with cooling crystals gives a whole new feeling of freshness consisting of sodium fluoride (1450 ppm)  Innehåller: Natriummonofluorfosfat (1450 ppm F). Instruktioner Borsta tänderna minst två gånger per dag. Spotta ut tandkrämen efter borstning men skölj inte.

Escapist Whitening Toothpaste från Selahatin. Tandkräm från Selahatin som hjälper till att bevara tänderna naturliga, vita färg. Den innehåller 1450 ppm flourid.

All samples were analyzed for fluoride using an ion-selective electrode adapted for microanalysis. Pre-brushing fluoride concentrations were higher in mucosa (mean 1,450 0.26 ppm and mean 5,000 0.20 ppm) than in saliva (mean 1,450 0.08 ppm and mean 5,000 0.07 ppm).

Tandkrämen innehåller ett skonsamt slipmedel som ger starka och sunda tänder och ett effektivt skydd mot hål. Fluorinnehåll: 1450 ppm. gray curved footer 

1450 ppm toothpaste

Innehåller fluor 1450 ppm. Natrue- och Vegan-certifierad. Brilliant Smile o.32 Fluoride Toothpaste 65 ml Brilliant Smile o.32 Toothpaste är en fluortandkräm som även Fluorhalt 0,32% NaF, motsvarar 1450ppm. Natural Fresh ginger toothpaste är en fluortandkräm med smak av ingefära. Endast för vuxna. Innehåller fluor 1450 ppm. Natrue- och Vegan-certifierad.

1450 ppm toothpaste

The characteristics of the products, as well as their lot numbers and expiration dates, are listed in Table 1.
Sp500 plus 500

1450 ppm toothpaste

The results were assessed in 7,422 children when they were between 5-6 years old. In the group that received the 1450 ppm F-toothpaste there was significantly less caries compared with the low fluoride paste and controls.

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Total protection toothpaste with Peppermint & Propolis protects against cavities with propolis, essential oils, fluorine 1450 ppm, calcium glycerophosphate and 

Flourtandkräm; Tandkrämen innehåller flour 1450 ppm. Vegansk; Endast för vuxna. Varje köp av produkter från The Humble Co. bidrar till finansiering av  WOOM Junior Toothpaste Cola är en fluortandkräm anpassad för barn från 6 år.

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Humble Natural Charcoal Toothpaste är en tandkräm med fluor och aktivt kol som bidrar till att öka vitheten på tänderna. Innehåller fluor 1450 ppm. För vuxna.

Double protection against caries thanks to sodium fluoride and lactoperoxidase system. RDA 60: moderate abrasiveness.

kontrollbehandlingen var fluortandkräm (1450 ppm caries or plaque or dentifric* or tooth-paste* or toothpaste*:ti,ab,kw (Word variations have been searched.

Maximal fluorhalt 0,32% NaF. (1450 ppm F). Kaliumnitrat och hydroxyapatit. Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Fluoride, Limonene. Innehåller tennfluorid 0,454% w/w, natriumfluorid 0,0721% w/w (1450 ppm fluorid). in providing instant relief of dentin hypersensitivity of a new toothpaste containing 8.0% arginine, calcium carbonate, and 1450 ppm fluoride to a benchmark  The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of a toothpaste containing high concentrations of 1999;78:1450-8.

High proportion of sodium fluoride: 1450 ppm. Suitable from the age of 12. Double protection against caries thanks to sodium fluoride and lactoperoxidase system. Fluoride in toothpaste is usually in the form of sodium fluoride (NaF) or sodium monofluorophosphate (MFP). Commercially available fluoride toothpastes for general sale in New Zealand have differing levels of fluoride content ranging from approximately 500 parts per million (ppm) to 1,450 ppm fluoride.